FRP Gratings

Fiberglass reinforced plastic gratings, commonly known as FRP gratings, are considered to be the best replacement of steel grating for numerous industrial purposes. FRP gratings provide us with the same strength as that of steel grating, but contrarily to steel, they are anti-corrosive in nature. There are many advantages of FRP gratings such as durability, reliability, high-efficiency, non-corrosive, low thermal and electrical conductivity, robust construction, low cost. Machines or pieces of equipment that are installed with FRP grating are easier to maintain, and this is the reason why these products are being widely used for many purposes such as building walkways and platforms, protective shielding, Machinery Housings, Raised Floors and Stairways, etc. If you are leading for a reliable FRP Gratings Manufacturer in India, then look no further as we are the name you can always rely on. We would like to introduce ourselves as Sadhana Fibre, a firm that is considered to be the leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and trader of reinforced plastic products.

Based in the city of Kolkata, the products that we supply to our valuable customers can be made available at a price that will surely be light on your pocket. Due to their high efficiency, FRP grating are being widely used at many industries such as bottling lines, food processing plants, lift stations, commercial aquariums, lube oil facilities and plating shops, beverage canning facilities, chemical plants, paper plants, and many more.