FRP Epoxy Sheet

FRP epoxy sheet has characteristics that make it suitable for many industrial purposes. They are being heavily used at those industrial purposes where material with high inflammability is required. Apart from that, FRP epoxy sheets are durable and reliable, and they come with high-performance capabilities. We, at Sadhana Fibre, are offering you the best and most reliable FRP epoxy sheets at the lowest possible price. Our products are being chosen by many industries as they render the desired results and serve the required purpose efficiently. Due to our consistency in providing the highest grade of FRP epoxy sheet in the market, we have emerged as the fastest-growing FRP Epoxy Sheet Manufacturer in India in recent years.

Characteristics of FRP epoxy sheets manufactured by us:

  • Low flammability
  • Very good welding properties
  • Excellent chemical properties
  • Anti-corrosive nature
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Good electrical properties
  • Complete durability and reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Low cost
  • Robust construction
  • Available in different color patterns

FPR epoxy sheets are being widely used for various industrial purposes. The electrical equipment manufacturing industry is one of the most popular industries that rely on these sheets include. They are used to manufacture tanks and lab equipment, etching equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, and many more.